In art, Year 5 having been introduced to the artist Man Ray. We discussed how his art focus was surrealism and that he used many different art forms, such as: photography, painting and sculpting. We looked at different pieces of his work and the children did an art analysis on their chosen piece. They described why they could see, how the piece was organised, they interpreted what was happening and made a judgement on the artwork.

Christmas Brass Band

This morning we were visited by FLHS Brass Band who got us in the festive spirit with some traditional carols and a very loud sing a long of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells.


Today, Year 5 learnt about using appropriate units of measure and we were able to identify which objects would be measured in grams or kilograms. We then moved onto length, focusing on metres, centimetres and millimetres. We measured different items around the classroom and chose the appropriate unit of measure, then converted our measurements between each unit.


Today, Year 5 consolidated their knowledge on converting units of measure, by doing a lollipop stick challenge. Each table had a pot with lollipop sticks in, each stick had a question written on it. In teams, they needed to solve and convert the units of measure on each stick. Once they had finished, they each completed a challenge question to challenge their current understanding and to develop it further.


It has been anti-bullying week this week and to highlight the importance of one kind word, Year 5 made a kind word chain to hang up in class. Each child wrote a kind comment about another child, then we linked the chain up together to show that we were united as a class and to show the value of kindness.