Yesterday in English, Year 5 began to annotate an extract from the class story that we have been reading, “Viking Boy”. They were highlighting grammar features and writing their functions. Today we continued this, highlighting new grammar features and we discussed their functions within a text.


Today in maths, Year 5 had a practical lesson. They were placing decimal numbers on a place value chart. This was our second lesson on decimals and it was really useful for them to visually see the value of each digit within decimal numbers.


Today, in English, Year 5 are completing their Big Write. We have been learning about the Vikings and have been practicing writing our own non-chronological report on the Vikings lives.


Today, in maths, Year 5 had an interactive recap lesson on negative numbers. Pupils were given a range of questions to solve on their whiteboards and we discussed how they could reach the answers, as a class.

Music: Classic Rock

Today we continued with our music lesson by listening to We Will Rock You by Queen and Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. We discussed how we knew they were rock songs and which we preferred and why. The catchy beat and lyrics were a favourite by Queen but we also like the electric guitar solo by Deep Purple. We then practiced our original song Living On A Prayer and started to learn the G, A, B notes on the glockenspiel.

Big Maths Beat That

Autumn and Nathaniel have worked extra hard on their times tables this week and today they achieved a fantastic 15/15. Well done both of you! Year 5 are very proud of you for achieving the Head Teacher’s stickers.


Today, in worship, we were discussing the International Day of Peace, which was established in 1981 by the United Nations. This is a day for people all around the world to think about peace and during this day there is no violence or war. We wrote a message as a class to wish peace for the world on this special day.


Today in science, Year 5 were testing the properties of a range of materials. They were testing whether materials were magnetic, waterproof and transparent, translucent or opaque.