It was science day today, we completed a range of different science activities throughout the day, including a ‘who dun it?’ activity, where the children had to fine the culprit to the crime, by testing various substances and looking at their reactions to water and vinegar. They also created an animal that could survive on Mars. This was a research project, so they were required to research the conditions on Mars and design an animal with those conditions in mind. They pitched their designs to the class and teachers in a dragons den style and we chose a winner, based on the best design, which showed the most well adapted animal.


In maths, Year 5 looked at estimating angles by working out where the 180 degree line was and then the 90 degree line. They worked out an estimated degree based on where the angle fell between our annotated angles. In groups, they then created a poster helping emojis with their estimations and explained how and why their estimations were correct or incorrect.


Year 5 have been looking at angles in maths. We have learnt about the types of angles and how to show them using angle makers: acute, right-angle, obtuse, straight, reflex and complete. We also began to estimate the angles; they drew lines to show the 180 degrees and 90 degrees, to be able to make a more accurate estimate based on where the angle fell in these areas.


We began our new topic in PSHE, which is about risks and emergencies. Today, we looked at what a risk is, when it becomes an emergency and the signs of an emergency to look out for. The children organised pictures of different scenarios into a Venn diagram, one side was for non-emergencies that could be risks and the other was for emergencies. The middle section was for those that were at high risk and on the border of an emergency.

World Book Day

For World Book Day, Year 5 came dressed up as their favourite characters from stories. They spoke about their favourite books to the class, made book marks and created a prisoner profile for potential characters that might go to Camp Green Lake, which is linked to our class reader for last term, ‘Holes’.


In maths, Year 5 were looking at how to add mixed fractions with the same denominator. They used paper plates, in groups, with fractions on, so that they could visually see how much of a fraction/whole they were creating, when they were adding them together.


In RE, Year 5 have been looking at the parables of Jesus. They did a role play activity, where they acted out a chosen parable in groups. The class had discussions after each act about the values being taught and why.


Year 5 have been looking at the artist Man Ray in art. We have been creating various pieces of mixed media collage using oil pastels, water colours and tissue paper. In today’s lesson, they created their final piece, which was a mixed media collage with abstract art or pictures in. They spent time thinking about the composition and how they were going to layer their media before creating this piece.



Year 5 have been looking at the Solar System in science, so for their short write activity in English, they created a labelled diagram and glossary about the Sun, Moon and the Earth.


In maths this morning, Year 5 were introduced to adding fractions with different denominators. We practiced varied fluency questions on this. This afternoon, they were shown the link of how to convert fractions to have the same denominator, with the work we did when we compared fractions and whether they were greater than, less than and equal to. The pupils gained better understanding of the conversations needed to be able to add fractions together. They then completed an interactive quiz about knowledge learnt so far in fractions, to show where they had good subject knowledge.